NAIA Member(IRP)

 Company Profile Excellent for Office Furniture and Institutional Equipment and Hospital environment (Light Duty 20 Series)Excellent for Institution Equipment and Furniture and Hospital environment and Food Service Equipment and Tool Boxes (Light Duty 25 Series)Excellent for Hospital Supply Industry, Dollies and Food Service Equipment (Medium 32 Series)Excellent for Office Furniture、Professional Chairs、tool boxes、sofas and display racks and medical racks ( Hooded Ball Casters)Excellent for Furniture and Trolleys environment ( Light Duty J Series)General use in Hardware. Factory and Warehouse. Good Combination of Strength, Durability, Economy ( General Duty G Series)
Light Duty 20 Series - WP 2020NY-FB
Light Duty 20 Series - RP 2020-PU
Light Duty 20 Series
Light Duty 20 Series - WW 2520SR-SB
Light Duty 20 Series - WS 2020PU-SB
Light Duty 25 Series - WP 3025C-SB
Light Duty 25 Series - RP 4025PU
Light Duty 25 Series - WF 3025SR
Light Duty 25 Series - WT 3025SR-SB
Medium 32 Series - ISO 414PU-TLB
Medium 32 Series
Medium 32 Series
Medium 32 Series - LMT 414PU
Hooded Ball Caster - BP 50PP
Hooded Ball Caster - BT 50PP
Hooded Ball Caster - BS 50PP
JRP 1012PU
JSP 1414NY
General Duty G Series
General Duty G Series: