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Company Name Hearty Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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Country Taiwan
City Taipei City
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Address 6F., No.261, Mingde Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Main Product PuriMaxR Water Purifier
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We, located in Taiwan, are an biotechnology research and development, innovation and marketing services company. In the past few years, increasingly realizing the earth warming, abnormal weather, nature water pollution, the more serious forms, drinking water treatment also increasingly complex, people are in dire need of clean drinking water and health of flowing water. Japan being not only the country having problem of radioactive contamination of drinking water, mainland China, southeast asia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and even north africa, eastern europe and other countries also have long-standing groundwater contaminated by radioactive substances, heavy metals contamination, so that the water inside the hotel or sold out of bottled water make your water drinking in worry and fear. After years of joint research and development, our team has created a very really unique water filter stuff : "JMAX-GWC". "JMAX-GWC" can allows you to immediately have your drinking water into healthy alkaline, into anti-aging antioxidant , with full hydrogen atom H2 energetic water.

At the same time of JMAX-GWC's R & D, just because of the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, the nuclear reactor disaster of major nuclear accident caused radiation contamination of water, making Japan and even whole world a serious concern about the safety of nuclear power plants. Radiation water pollution concerns are still to threaten the residents' daily life, the safety of drinking water in northeastern Japan and tokyo metropolitan area. Our Taiwan's "Atomic Energy Council" of the" Nuclear Energy Institute" thus conducts an academic research in their app "JMAX-GWC", then in laboratory experiments, finding that "JMAX-GWC" can effectively remove out two main kinds of nuclear radiation contamination from the water : Cesium,Cs137, and Strontium, Sr90.

This experiment acturally push us to actively promote the design and to manufacture a new water purifier. That is "PuriMax Cup", for hoping to give our humanbeing clear and healthy water to drink, in order to enhance the personal safety of daily water drinking and to take forward the healthy drinking water regimen concept.

"The Real Inventions in Taiwan, Biotechnology Innovative Patented Filter"

Our Brand Positioning: For human to create a more healthy, clean, safe drinking water.

Our Mission Statement: Clean and safe drinking water for people to live healthy.

Our Vision Statement: The guardian of human health care


Water is the source of life, drink out healthy and longevity

Biotech innovation filter "JMAX-GWC"

Water green revolution

Concerned about our common problem of drinking water

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