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Company Name Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
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Address No.201, Tung Hwa N. Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Main Product PP Synthetic Paper
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During the past fifty years, the increasingly fast pace of global resource development has placed tremendous strains on the earth?s natural resources. Our ecosystems and environmental conditions around the world are declining which effects our daily lives. The planting of trees and conserving forests plays a critical role in providing important benefits to improving the quality of the earth?s environment.

Natural wood pulp papers are commonly used for a broad range of communications, packaging, consumer and industrial uses. And since trees are the major raw material for these wood pulp products, our precious forests are being destroyed.

Conserving trees and our forests by using alternative products has been a goal of Nan Ya Corp. since 1991. During this time, an enormous commitment of manpower and money has been made to develop synthetic papers to replace natural wood pulp papers. Through this extensive R & D program, Nan Ya successfully produced high quality, cost-effective synthetic papers in 1998.

These synthetic papers are made mainly from polypropylene which give the characteristics such as lower specific gravity, higher stiffness, and good opacity. By offering the needed physical and economic properties our synthetic papers are becoming strong candidates to replace natural wood fiber papers in the marketplace. We proudly gave our synthetic paper the trade name. PEPA".

History of Group

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation was founded in 1958. It is one of the Formosa Plastics Group's major manufacturing companies.Nan Ya Plastics Corporation is the world's largest secondary plastics processor.After years of continuing expansion and development, the firm's major products now stretch across the four major industries of plastics, fibers, electronics materials and petrochemical raw materials.

1. These are provided to downstream clients for further processing into a multitude of widely-used goods.

2. Nan Ya Plastics is one of the world's largest polyester producers. Major products include polyester staple fiber, polyester chips, polyester PET, polyester FDY, polyester POY, polyester DTY, polyester dyed DTY and thin polyester film. Nan Ya has also advanced R&D into high added-value products such as semi-dull nylon yarn, different shrinkage filament yarn and microfiber textured yarn.

3. In order to relieve Taiwan's shortage of petrochemical raw materials.Sole investments of our company include plants producing DOP, epoxy resin, PA, 2EH, BPA, EG, TDI, 1,4-BG, INA, H2O2, ESO, CPE, AO and XF film.

4. Our company's engineering division is able to independently develop and manufacture facilities and equipment for petrochemical plants and plastics and fibers processing. The division has the ability to take on the planning, design, manufacturing, and installation of entire plants.

It is a leader in the manufacture and installation of machinery and installation kits.7.In addition, our company specializes in the manufacture of high and low voltage distributors, epoxy resin by embedded glass fiber transformers, potential transformers, vacuum circuit breakers and other such heavy electrical equipment and high precision control devices. Product quality is of the highest class.

All products have been awarded certification for passing a number of international tests and meeting performance standards. To expand the application of our electrical products, we are currently undertaking the development of gas insulated ultra-high voltage distributor,T-shaped transformer and protection relay.

5. In the electronics field, our company, alongside cross-invested Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board Company and PFG Fiber Glass Corp, planned the production of a series of electronics materials to respond to rapid developments in IT, communications and multimedia.

These products include printed circuit boards, copper clad laminates, epoxy resin, BPA, copper foil, glass fabrics and glass yarn. In this way, we were able to set up a vertically integrated production chain, achieve self-sufficiency in raw materials and increase and strengthen our competitive market position. Our core product copper clad laminates are sold all over the world.

With an annual capacity of 39.6 million pieces, we have one of the largest copper clad laminate plants in the world. Our printed circuit board production now outputs 24 million square feet a year after continuous development and expansion, which also puts us at the top of list worldwide. LCDs and its major raw material color filters are also the focus of our development. We are the Biggest Manufacturer for pp synthetic paper material in the world. We have big division for sale abroad and export. We hope that we can direct sale our products to your country

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