1 Are you a Government organization?
  No, we are not a government organization. We are a non-profit organization. Our revenues are derived from the membership fee paid by both our importers and exporters using our service.
2 Can you give some examples of exporters that have successfully concluded orders from your member importers?
  No. By law we cannot disclose such transactions. Besides, the transactions are being done directly between the suppliers and our member importers. We will have no record of them. We will only come to know if they need assistance from us. But we do have some preferred suppliers that are willing to be listed on our Testimonials.
3 Why can't I find email addresses of your member importers?
  The email address of an importer is probably the first bit of data to become outdated or invalid. Why? Simply because of the enormous and growing amount of SPAM or JUNK emails that are being sent to people and businesses from around the world.
The unfortunate fact is, once we make known of our members' email addresses, the Spam artists will immediately begin sending their volumes of junk emails. Ultimately, the volume of the Spam becomes too burdensome and many people abandon their email address and set up a new one. This is why we do not disclose the email addresses of our members.
You will get all the mail addresses and other contact information once we start the
Importers Referral Program.
4 I have two entirely different products, how would you charge me?
  If you choose to put on one web page under your name, then the charge will be one time. But we strongly suggest that you use two different web pages for different products as less confusing to importers. In addition, you get to be referred to the two different types of member importers for different products. If this is the case, you will enjoy 50% discount on the second web page.
5 Why is your service different from other internet search engines?
  We believe a static website waiting to be browsed at stands far less chance than one that is actively being promoted to the attention of the principals. We first identify the matching member importers and we will write to recommend you to them.
6 How many pictures am I allowed to put on my web pages with you?
  The maximum is six categories with 18 product pictures. But your web page will come together with the hyperlink to your corporate website, so it should suffice.
7 Can I change the contents of the web pages later on?
  Yes, you may. Please contact your local Representative or email to IRP@usacan.org
8 Why some of my emails to your members got returned?
  - The mail server may be down.
- The mail server may be too busy or capacity exceeded.
- The mail server may be experiencing other problems, preventing it from responding to clients.
- The communication path may be experiencing problems.
- Addressed employee no longer works there.
- The company has closed down.
9 How do you find your member importers?
  NAIA has offices in major cities in North America (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto), importers approach us for products or working partners they find difficult to locate. In addition, the importer members will refer their friends or acquaintances to join our Association. Our data collection center also sends out invitations to exporters worldwide.
10 How do you promote your site?
  We do not promote our site. NAIA site is meant for viewing by its member importers. Our ranking is high on Google site because of the high click through traffic. Because it is worldwide dotcom, viewers from all over the world can also make their search on our site, we have, in fact, more non-U.S. importers than the North American ones.
11 Do the member importers need to pay NAIA?
  Yes, they do. However, the charges vary from services provided. Services provided by NAIA to its members range from referral of compatible worldwide suppliers, monthly circular, additional sourcing, translation and documentation, travel arrangements and credit rating report of suppliers.
12 How would you conduct your IRP for me?
  IRP will involve firstly by constructing a private product web page for you on our portal. We will then identify the compatible member importers of your products and refer you to them by means of email and callouts. We will also cover the step of tracking down for you once initial contact is being successfully made.