Some of Our Distinguished Suppliers


Yung Shin Pharm.Ind.Co.,Ltd (Website:

YUNG SHIN PHARM IND. CO., LTD, is an experienced company established in 1965 in the pharmaceutical field, which focus on quite a wide range products such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, APIs, diagnostic acid, cosmetics and food supplements and in order to extend our business globally and to work as a partner in fulfilling their requirement from Taiwan, we hold the best conditions based on our plentiful experiences, sources and cost.

Nan Ya Plastics (Website:

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation is the world's largest secondary plastics processor. After years of continuing expansion and development, the firm's major products now stretch across the four major industries of plastics, fibers, electronics materials and petrochemical raw materials….

Her Cherng Sanitary Co., Ltd. (Website:

HC Sanitary is a professional bathroom integrator specializing in Faucets, Showerheads, Bath Furniture, Shower Panels, Sauna & Spa and modern designs and the products to develop and implement the ultimate enjoyment and luxury for our customers. We have been delivering new trend and functional products since 1978…….

Fah Teeng Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Website:

Fah Teeng has been in business since 1989 and rapidly become one of the leaders for transmission line hardware in Taiwan. Fah Teeng specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of transmitting and distributing hardware (tower fitting/pole line material) all over the world.

Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. (Website:

Established in 1976, YUN CHAN Industry Co., Ltd. has continually provided professional and customer-friendly service and superior quality products to our worldwide clients. We are the leading manufacturer for stable and industrial quality screwdriver bits and screwdrivers.


King Craft (Website:

Kingcraft is a part of T.R group which has an experience of more than four decades in various businesses in India and Kingcraft is one of the most well established and prominent business houses of Jodhpur. We have more than 50 artisans working on regular basis.

China & Hong Kong

Hsu Fu Chi Foods (Website:

Hsu Fu Chi Foods is a well known Confectionery and Candy manufacturer in China. One of the Top Ten famous brands in China, they have grown both their domestic and international operations. Their best selling products are currently sold in countries throughout the world, furthermore, they have developed their own "Hannes" brand to better create value for our distributors and wholesalers globally.


CMEC SUZHOU CO., LTD., established in 1985, is one of the earliest and the most important suppliers in China, which specializes in various mechanical & electrical products…….

Eurobag Five Stars Collection Ltd. (Website:

Euro Bag Five Stars Collection Ltd. started the relationship with Hong Kong 28 years ago, when its' Dutch parent company began importing canvas bags from mainland China. In 1985 Euro Bag expanded the product range to include fashion handbags, backpacks and travel bags.