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Company Name Fantastic Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Main Product Textile Manufacture Solution Service Provider, focusing on making apparel/clothing which satisfies the three main categories of circular textile – Sustainable Production, Sustainable Use and Recycling. For example, we do Digital-Printing T-Shirt/Clothing for saving 90% water use to meet the high standard of Sustainable Production. We also tend to present fabrics consist of recycled materials. Most importantly, we make clothes in supreme quality for durability, i.e. you may wear our garments for much longer time.
Company Profile


We are ocean-loving islanders with souls of artisans.
We lay our eyes on quality, drive our heart into details.
Either for big or small-scale production, our sole concern is sustainability.
Thus, we adopt eco-friendly materials and energy-saving procedures, for making your collections in the fair-trade way. As we vow to protect
the global village we all live in.

Textile Manufacture Solution Service Provider, rather a traditional trading company

Fantastic Enterprise (FANTERCO) is NOT a factory indeed. However, a specific factory owns a specific production technique for limited product lines. While our core capability is to manage and manufacture different product lines for you. As a growing brand, we assume you may not just have a couple of lines but should own more than a dozen in near future. We definitely can support you with that.

Familiar with different kinds of eco-friendly materials and production processes

Based in Taiwan giving us cutting edge with functional fabrics. Currently 70% of functional fabrics are from Taiwan. Also for the trend to be "green" or say “fair trade”, we also have good knowledge to support the idea you wish to contribute to the world – no matter you are a big brand or an entrepreneur.

Environmental Compliancy (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR)

Safety and well-being of everyone involved in the production and supply chain as well as protecting the environment are top priorities for FANTERCO. We don’t just focus on what our fashion is made from either. We’ve set ourselves strict rules as to how and where everything is made and manufactured. This includes making sure that partners we work with share our sustainability values.

Fantastic Enterprise has committed to

  • A safe working environment (in terms of hygiene, ventilation, volume, technical processes)
  • No child labor, no prison labor.
  • Fair and quick payment of the suppliers, only legal transactions, no black money.
  • Environmentally friendly production - no use of hazardous chemicals that could leave residues and damage health.
  • Energy conservation - turn off the light during lunch break, reuse papers, keep the thermostat constant.

The quality of the garments produced in compliance with these points definitely gives Fantastic Enterprise the right to continue on this path.

One photo, we bring it to life.

If you have the capability of making original samples with patterns and tech packs, that would be great to accelerate the whole developing process. If not then don’t worry, just send us your photo, drawing or sketch and leave the rest to us. Our sampling center will bring your idea to life.

The Circular-Textile Apparel Manufacture Solution Provider
Fantastic Enterprise (FANTERCO), since 1971

Established in 1971, with experiences nearly 50 years, providing services and shipping goods to all continents in the world. We value trust and integrity. The most thrilling thing, never changed, is witnessing our customer's growth.

A 50-Year Apparel Exporter

Fantastic Enterprise Co., Ltd. (FANTERCO) was founded by Jimmy C. Liu in 1971. For a half of a century, the Team FANTERCO has been restlessly dedicating in providing the best apparel manufacture services to customers around the world, mostly UK, Europe and U.S., including leading babywear brands, outstanding functional wear entrepreneurs, and various types of apparel designed for different purposes, either funky or functional.

Promises – To Grow With You

The average servicing time of our existing customers is now exceeding 18 years, and their brands share 780+% growth rate since working with FANTERCO. The ongoing record means FANTERCO is like a rich field to grow you, and so it’s our sacred promise to grow with you. This promise consists of two factors: one is your ideas to develop trending products which fulfill needs, and the other is our dedication to bring your ideas to live.

The Irreversible Trend – Being Responsible To Our Planet

Nearly half of the world’s water pollution can be traced back to the textile manufacturing process. 10% of global waste comes from the textile and clothing industry. Being responsible to our planet, is not just a slogan, but the “MUST-DO”to FANTERCO.
Being based in Taiwan gives us the edge of providing ecologically-friendly apparel manufacture solutions throughout the entire supply chain. From the robust recycling system*, to sustainable production, we ensure each step is carried out responsibly.
* There are only Taiwan and Japan owning the plastic-bottle recycle rate up to 95%.
It’s easy to be green. Just ride along the irreversible trend with FANTERCO. We are confident to grow your brand in a sustainable way, because of our team.


Hazel Tseng, Vice Managing Director, who has been working for one of the few major conglomerates in Taiwan for 15 years, owns extraordinary digital marketing and partnership development experiences. She shows incredible energy and truly boosts #FANTERCO in every way since her on board in 2021.
Angela Cheng, our head of Account Managing Department, a veteran in the industry for more than a decade. Being thorough and responsive. Your trust-worthy representative who watches over all your productions and requests.
Heather Luo, studying fabric design in the university, working as an Account Manager since early 2000’s. Comprehensively professional and proactive. Just like your pain killer, taking all the hassle occurred in production away from you.
Coco Chen, a veteran who has been managing the product development process since 2012. Strong capability of execution, highly customer-oriented, because of her sophisticated experiences not only in B2B but also in B2C, which line her eyes up with yours.
Michael Ko, who has been doing quality control for the past 30 years, and for #FANTERCO since 2008. With his eagle’s eyes and extremely careful mind, he watches over all your production from materials to packaging, ensuring a headache-free manufacturing service for you every time.
Rebecca Cheng, who has been our head of Shipping Department since late 1990’s, is familiar with all kinds of transportation, pros & cons between shipping alternatives, making her capable of presenting the most sufficient and effective delivery options for you.
Juan Tai, our Administration head, incorporating all kinds of cross-department matters, taking out worries of the team so we may dedicate all our attention to our customers.
Karen Chou, our head of Finance Department, who has worked for a well-organised Accounting firm many years. She puts her effort to escalate our accounting system to be more modern to cope with the new age of ecommerce since her joining the team in 2013.
Melinda Yang, since 2016, Melinda has entered the field of B2B e-commerce marketing, which triggered her passion and soon become her career. Our Managing Director came across Melinda when we invited her team to operate FANTERCO's EC platform about 4 years ago, and very much impressed about her work.Glad to have Melinda on board!
Teresa Lin, as the youngest member in the team, she showed relentless energy in learning things to develop her skills as a service provider. Now become a FANTERCO's indispensable asset in our e-commerce sales team. Meet Teresa!

My name is Jerry K. Liu. I joined the family business in 2003, working from the roots since then. Though a tumbled start working with my father Jimmy, but the spirit of persistence inherited from him, carries me over the following milestones:

2009 – Started a new business, being the exclusive regional distributor for one of our key accounts. By doing so, not only building stronger relationship with our customer but also learning more retailing view based on the B2C operation, which helps a lot at how we develop new products or services for customers.

2016 – We commenced e-commerce transformation and won Top 10 Supplier Contest Taiwan in 2019. Though being smashed hard by COVID-19 in 2020, fortunately we have gaining fruitful feedback from the hard work of transformation in this couple of years.

2021 – As a human-driven company for 50 years, I planned and realised to turn our core colleagues to stockholders since the beginning of this year. I am now living in my dream of creating an organisation which is alive, like a boat being mobilised by everyone on board.

Mixing up the old-school spirit with the new business model to thrive, our work has been recognised and we have won the Special Prize of Taipei Neo Trade Award held by Taipei City Government.

Join us and allow us to bring your dream, either funky or functional, to live. Most importantly, we will realise your dreams responsibly.


Our manufacture solutions can be classified into three primary categories as the image shown below

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION, SUSTAINABLE USE and RECYCLING – based on the core concept of circular textiles:


Due to the advanced textile manufacture technology developed in Taiwan, with the high environmentally friendly consensus, plus the explorer’s spirit, we manage to push many textile producing skills much “greener”. Take the old-fashion jacquard as an instance, we use this technique to create the same visual effect of brushed jeans, without brushing which causes tiny fibers shed and flow into the ocean. The same jacquard machine can also do miraculous mimic of variable stitching patterns and double-layer structure. We use digital printing to replace traditional screen printing. By doing so not only we may save water usage, but from the requirement perspective, digital printing with small MOQ (minimum order quantity) satisfies designers who need variety and entrepreneurs who start small.

FANTERCO adopts 3D modeling incorporating into our sampling services. Not to replace entirely the traditional physical sampling, but to sufficiently reduce times of sampling.
All above share the same benefit – reduced manufacture processes, reduced carbon footprints – which is the key to Sustainable Production.

Under the category of SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION, we have:

- Organic Cotton

Not only reducing the chemical damage, but a fine and soft hand feel with high breathability at the same time.

- Fair-Trade Manufacture

The only way to use eco materials logically is to manufacture sustainably.

Digital Printing / Finishing: 

Go Digital, Go Green


As mentioned above about the long-lasting fabrics/yarns, our production services focus on help end users wear longer and eventually reduce the impact to the environment. One of our specialties is anti-bacteria/odor Silver-plated fabrics/yarns. By applying these technical fabrics/yarns, the wearers may wash the garments less frequently to save water without sacrificing comfort.

We also cooperate with highly experienced fashion technicians, who may fulfill your “buy-less-choose-well” intention of green branding by offering custom-made hand crafts.

Biodegradable PET

When recycled can be biodegradable back into the Circulation, it is true green.

- Anti-Bacteria / Odor : 

Permanent Anti-bacterial Effects

Not Harmful To The Skin

- Long Lasting : 

Durability = Longer Life Cycle = Less Harm to Our World

- Custom Made

1. 3D modeling to make efficient patterning/sampling, even provide vivid images or video clips as edging marketing materials;

2. Photo shooting and catalog editing, to ensure a consistent presentation of the branding. You just sit tight, give us your ideas, and we bring everything custom made for you to your doorway.



If products cannot be recycled, then it is not true green. I cannot agree more. Nevertheless, it’s a long way to achieve the full #circulartextiles cycle. Before that, the raw material textile manufacturers in Taiwan have already been dedicating to use variable kinds of recycled waste to replace all or part of original materials. Apart from recycled PET made of recycled bottles, we make a lot of neoprene-laminated products. Now we are starting to use neoprene which consists of oyster shells, cords, etc. Before we may recycle everything, we pay all our attention to adopting recycled materials as much as possible to reduce further impact to our planet.

- Recycled Nylon

To respect environment and dedicate to protect the Ecology of earth, we make the waste recycled and reusable.

- Recycled PET 

  • Taiwan Green Mark certified
  • Global Recycle Standard (GRS) registered
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified 

- Eco-Friendly Neoprene

Less Petrochemical for Post-Pandemic Life


Yes, it's easy to be green. Either you are a big brand or a fashion entrepreneur. Ride along the trend with us!

Thorough, Responsive, Proactive and Professional,
Your Trust-Worthy Representative Who Watches Over
Your Productions and Requests.

Reply within 12 hours
Satisfactory pre-sale and post-sale services

Eco-friendly & High quality with competitive prices
Strictly QC team provide good quality products

OEM/ODM/OBM orders are warmly welcome
(1) Flexible and customized
(2) Sampling
(3) Manufacturing
(4) Developing your own label

Design service offered (Delicate design, original style, and fashionable appearance)
Just tell us your specific demands and we'll handle everything else for you.
We could be the best support to your own branding.

Fast delivery for mass production
We will provide a customized project production schedule for you.

Flexible Quantities
You can buy our sample even just one piece if stock available.


The biggest challenges a fashion designer/buyer faces:

Lack of reliable manufacturers?
Most of the time, having a reliable manufacturer who will maintain quality, produce on time, and offer reasonable prices is a challenging and daunting task.

It is hard working alone?
You need people who are willing to help. It is said that talent wins games, but teamwork win championships.

Availability of fabric?
It’s difficult to get hold of fabric that is affordable, high quality and unique.

Having Your Profession Disrespected?
More often than not you will be working for non-creatives. This can feel frustrating if you end up in a situation where you are always defending your work and design decisions. Nobody likes to be taken for granted or have it implied that their job is easy.


- Pattern Making / 3D Modeling

One sample, sketch or photo, our professional pattern maker will help you out in 2 Weeks.We may also further create 3D modeling based on the patterns made for sampling reference or marketing materials

- Fabric Sourcing

We can help you in 2 Weeks

- Sampling

We can help you in 2 Weeks

- Production

We can help you in 4-8 Weeks with on-site quality inspection.

- Photo Shooting

We can help you with our professional shooting team including the studio, model agency and the stylist in 1 Week.


FANTERCO proudly presents our accreditations including the Top 10 Supplier Contest Taiwan in 2019:

And we are pleased to inform our clients that we have obtained the D-U-N-S® Certification for 2024. This certification reflects our commitment to meeting industry standards and further enhances our business profile. 

For more information about our certified profile, please visit


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