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Company Profile
Company Name ANHOW Co Ltd.
Tel 886-4-92356700
Fax 886-49-2328983
Country Taiwan
City Nantou County
Zip/Postal Code 542
Main Product Bedroom Wardrobes
Adjustable Electric Beds
Sofa Bed Chair
Bed Side Rails
Barcelona Recreation Chairs
Rat Traps&Fly Killer&Small Folding Table
Company Profile

ANHOW Co. Ltd was established in 1989 by Mr. Hue Yu Ke, the former leader of ANHOUR Co. Ltd. The main products were steel pipe furniture, such as bed sets, sofa beds, folding beds, wardrobe beds, computer desks, chairs, shelves, magazine racks, mirror sets, TV racks and other products, which were marketed to Japan. In 1993, our own brand, AH, was created and sold in Japan. In 2001, the business was developed toward China and then to Western countries, whereas in Taiwan we developed a boutique way of sales. In 2003, the business was on Mr. Hanson Ke’s hands and company was named ANHOW Co., Ltd. A new type of mousetrap, flytrap and Barcelona style chairs were invented in 2004. The mousetrap was awarded Bronze Medal in Nuremberg, Germany, 2005. Moreover, a large order was placed on this product in England. At the same time, we promoted our furniture in full effort and started researching medical beds. In 2006, we officially involved in medical bed manufacture and invented ABS plastic folding desks. In 2007, we started design on wardrobes and the next year Barcelona-wardrobe rack was created, which has made us a prestige of wardrobe professional in Taiwan market. Now we have a certain sales number of medical beds and wardrobes in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Especially Barcelona-wardrobe rack is our biggest sale in Taiwan now.


1989 - ANHOUR Co. Ltd. was established in CaoTun Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
1993 - AH was marketed Japan nationwide, created a miracle among Taiwan furniture brand
2001 - Business was moving towards China, meanwhile in Taiwan it was moving to a boutique development
2003 - Mr. Hanson Ke took over the business and renamed the company as ANHOW Co. Ltd
2004 - Invented new type of mousetrap, flytrap and Barcelona style chairs
2005 - New type mousetrap was awarded Bronze Medal in Nuremberg, Germany, and devoted into 
             researching electric medical beds
2006 - Electric medical bed manufacture and processing, invented ABS plastic folding desk
2007 - R&D in wardrobes
2008 - Barcelona-wardrobe was created, giving us a name of Taiwan wardrobe professional.

Company Products (24)
Bedroom Wardrobes
Bed Set
Household Shelves
Barcelona Recreation Chairs
Small Folding Table